Rama’s Bridge is natural as well as man-made

Monday, November 1, 2010

Maharishi Valmiki has recorded in his Ramayan- (Yuudh Kand, sarg 22 and shlokas 45-73) that Shri Rama’s army constructed a bridge over the sea between Rameswaram and Sri Lanka. After crossing this bridge, Shri Rama’s army reached Sri Lanka, defeated Ravana and liberated Sita from his captivity.
It is found exactly at the location narrated in Valmiki Ramayan

Space images taken by NASA reveal an ancient bridge in the Palk Strait between Bharat and Sri Lanka.

The existence of the bridge obviously cannot be denied! However to what extent there was manual intervention in connecting the gaps between the shoals, islands and rocks is a subject for detailed marine archaeological and geological research. This kind of research has never been carried out nor has any team been constituted so far. However, there is enough evidence about the existence as well as the use of this bridge in ancient Bharatiya history, literature and travelogues etc. 'Ramayana', which mentions a bridge between Rameshwaram (Bharat) and the Sri-Lankan coast, constructed under the supervision of the dynamic and invincible figure of Rama, who is the incarnate of the supreme.

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